DJ Love

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween! It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

It's been an eventful week. DJ and I made it through Race for the Cure last Saturday (Go Team Linda Lou!) however shortly thereafter DJ starting coming down with a cough and cold. He has spent the rest of the week home with Daddy healing and recovering. It's been on tough on both of them however, he is finally feeling better. It is horrible all around Iowa with sickness but, keeping him home has healed him.

DJ and Daddy have had several play groups at the library with Story Time and Book Babies. It's great for DJ to get interaction with others and Devon to be able to get out of the house for some adult interaction. DJ really enjoys the stories, the musical interaction and other kids.

Today they carved DJ's pumpkin for Halloween! They did a great job and when I got home it fun to see their hard work.

Then we dressed DJ up for Halloween and even though it was cold/rainy and windy we had a plan! We took DJ to Merle Hay Mall for Trick or Treating. They have a great kid's play area and it's just the right size for what we wanted. He had a good time was able to show off his costume which was the Great Minnesota Viking. His jersey from Uncle Bob, Adrian Peterson, came in VERY handy. We had a great costume from the Kaduce's we were borrowing however, it was too big. So maybe next year!

Devon and DJ decided that the Viking costume would be just fine and we got lots of compliments!!

Happy Halloween!!

Trick or Treat!

Let's hope this weekend just allows us to get healthier, stay that way and maintain!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great Grandma's Party and other fun times!

Happy Early Birthday Great Grandma!!

The past few weeks have been rather uneventful but, busy. DJ has had a good time just hanging out with us and then we had a brief visit Lake Cornelia and celebrating Great Grandma's early birthday.

We have had the chance to play at the play area at the mall, play outside at the park, play in our yard and outside riding our little "bike". We have gone for wagon rides and just enjoyed the time as much as possible.

DJ is really developing into a "toddler" has moved past babyhood. He is getting MUCH better at sleeping through the night, going to bed without any soothing and is loving all "big boys" things.

He is becoming quite independant and musical. We are trying to get him into the next round of classes of Iowa Youth Symphony music for toddlers. He will start dancing, clapping and moving anytime music of ANY type comes on. We figure we might as well develop his talents early. He also is enjoying his new "cleaning tools" that Grandma provided last weekend.

Sammy the Broom, who utters.."Sweeping, You missed a spot!!" is quite funny and DJ enjoys it.

Here are a few pictures of our adventures over the past few weeks.

DJ likes to read..he is currently looking for a job!! :D

Happy Fall everyone! Next week is Halloween and more pictures!!

During our Winter Snap got outside and played.

Playing inside on our Wagon...not really safe...Oh well.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Fall Weekend

The Mau's at Howell Pumpkin Patch

DJ and Daddy on the Tire Swing

We have had a great weekend, busy and fun.

We started out Saturday with a book reading and book signing. It was quite fun, DJ, Devon and I attended a book reading by Ryan Sloth and his children's book, "Sammy the Sloth". The book is quite cute and given that Ryan is originally from Belmond, IA is was a re-introduction for Devon. Nice time and a great free book.

The Sunday we headed to the Pumpkin Patch and Tractor Ride. It was a great time of fun!! We picked a few pumpkins, petted the farm animals, swung on some was a blast and we have to THANK, Grandma for telling us all about it and joining us.

It was a great time! Then we picked up a new pair of shoes for DJ and came home for a rest. Great Sunday--busy but good.

Here are the pictures:
DJ and Mom in the Corn Maze

DJ and Daddy with the Bunny from the Petting Zoo

DJ on his John Deere tractor

DJ checking out the pumpkins

DJ picked his Pumpkin

We saved the best for last....

DJ driving an Allis Chalmers pedal tractor....he LOVED it!!

Happy Fall Everyone!!