DJ Love

Friday, February 27, 2009

Eating like a Champ!!

DJ is continually eating like a champ. He is really enjoying cereal and veggies everyday. He even was good and let Daddy feed him last night!

This is one of my favorites--"Carrots? What Carrots?"

We also have the hilarious--"No more cereal?? Are you sure its gone?"

DJ is playing all the time and really working on his sitting and playing time. He practices sitting daily at daycare and then comes home to play and sit somemore. We play some much with his toys and reading he really enjoys it. I also create a mountain for him to lean against and work his little leg muscles. He quite enjoys it!

Finally DJ is FASCINATED with Sadie. She is being very good with him, a little more loving than we wish at times but very caring. She kisses him often and lets him pet her. As you can see in the picture, whenever Sadie is around, DJ is staring at her!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Visitors and Grandma Time

A rather uneventful weekend has transpired. We had no true "places" to be and were able to relax and take the days in moderation. We had visitors on Saturday and Sunday, Tracey and Christopher came for a visit from Waterloo. We had great times with them and DJ is quite enamored with Christopher. I do believe Christopher will be a great babysitter in a few years!

We are still doing quite well with different vegetables. We have gone through green beans and are on to carrots. He enjoys them quite a bit after the first few bites, it just takes a minute to get used to the flavor! I have found that no matter the bib he manages to get food EVERYWHERE so I have resorted to the naked top! It works the best and happens to clean off easily.

DJ is spent a few hours with Grandma this morning while I had to run to campus. After the initial realization that Mommy had ditched him and his "cry it out" time he napped and had a nice few hours with Grandma. We will have to work on his ability to work spend time on weekends away from Mommy and Daddy more often!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Its Green Bean Wednesday!!

DJ is becoming quite a big boy, he is changing all the time. He is now eating between 5-6 tablespoons of cereal a day between two feedings. He is also learning to sit up and practicing at day care! We are working on it see below:

We started with Green Beans tonight and he did quite well, he seemed to enjoy them and I hope it stays that way with all veggies.

Devon and DJ have been working on his scooting/crawling. DJ is tired of being stationary and is continually workingon making himself mobile. He has learned if he rolls from tummy to back and back to his tummy he moves...its his new flip flopping motion. We figured if he was doing that he might as well use the muscles and he has begun moving his knees and arms for scooting but, not gotten mobile yet!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weekend in Illinois and 5 months!

We had a very busy weekend last week-we traveled to IL to see Grandpa Mair and visit with friends. DJ traveled very well to and from and was quite the good boy, even with a double ear infection! He was spiking a fever off and on once we arrived and we thought it was due to teething but found out it on Monday it was much more!

He is definitely on the mend and doing much better. He is eating cereal like a champ at daycare about 2.5 TBSP at lunch and then another 1-2 TBSP with a bottle at dinner. He was sleeping quite well prior to the ear infection so we hope to get him back on track this week again!

He is now very actively teething and I keep checking his mouth for a little tooth to pop through. He also seems to found more of his voice, he has been "babbling" for a few weeks but now has been "squealing" for a few days! He really enjoys hearing his own voice.

It is hard to believe to DJ is 5 month old! He is happy and playing all they time and really enjoying exploring. We took a nice walk outside last night and he was checking out the birds, trees and surroundings. He is learning to sit up better each day and I believe in another month he will be sitting on his own-we are looking forward to it!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Family Time

It was another busy weekend with family which is always nice. We were able to share time together with Grandpa Mau, Uncle Dillon, Aunt Danielle and Uncle Connor, Cousin Nico and of course Grandma. We also had a stop in visit with Great Aunt Becky. It was a very nice time with everyone. I have a few pictures of DJ and Nico they are both changing so much and going to be giving us all a run for our money shortly!

We also tried again at the cereal feeding and have the pictures to show he is giving it a try!

And finally a picture of DJ with his new hairstyle. We are testing out the "spikey" look. He is getting quite the compliments with it so we will see if it continues!

We love it though!!