DJ Love

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 teeth, 2 teeth, 3 teeth, ....Red Teeth, Blue Teeth

DJ is managing to get 4 yes, you heard it...4 teeth in at once. His top two front teeth as well as two eye teeth. Let us thus conclude he is an overachiever, he is trying to prove he can do anything he wants at any time.

I have tried (a thousand times) to get a picture of the top teeth but, its not working. So we will need to wait till they come down more. He is needless to say not a happy boy. Well, he is happy just not DJ happy. We did make a trip to the Dr. to ensure he didn't have an ear infection given his constant, nose running, coughing and fever...nope just teeth and minimal viral infection. Nothing a little Tylenol and teething drops can't help minimize. Last night was sleep. Well let me clarify we slept about 45 minutes for every hour. Devon and I took turns trying to sleep. It didn't work well for either of us.

He is getting very strong and big weighing in at 20lbs at the Dr. yesterday. He is also determined to show us how strong he is. We are working on nice touch-as he is stronger than he realizes.

We were able to lay low all weekend given DJ didn't feel great. Plus it was nice to rest and stay close to home.

A few pictures of Devon and DJ playing and reading

DJ and Mommy outside in the yard doing a craft project.

Maybe next week we will have a teeth update picture!

Monday, May 11, 2009

8 Months old

Today DJ is 8 months old, we are amazed at how mobile he is and how quickly he is changing!

He is completely mobile and moving at warp speed. Or at least it feels that way when you are following him around. He is FASCINATED with cords and all things that are bad for him, I see the true boy coming out! He is getting more teeth and the top two front teeth have broken through and we are just waiting for their descent.

We are so lucky to have a happy and smiling baby, everywhere we go people tell us how happy he is.

We for Mother's Day went to church and then brunch and visited the zoo. We had a nice time with Grandma as she was able to join us as well. It was great weather and a great time.

We then came home and worked outside, well DJ and I played while Devon worked. It is funny how much he loves specific toys and we are quickly weeding out the ones he has outgrown and replacing them with great ones that are continuing to develop his sensory and tactile skills. Bubbles are a new fun toy and they are easy to use! He has managed to feed himself Cheerios and Sweet Potato puffs frequently however, is still fighting the sippy cup. We are learning to choose our battles, he is as stubborn as his parents and will happily show you who is boss!

Three Generations

The Mau Family

Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy and Beautiful Weekend!

DJ is his Church Clothes!

We had a great weekend, very busy but-perfect. We started out by doing a family 5K Saturday morning early, and really enjoyed ourselves. I am a big proponent of the cause: Organ and Tissue Donation and wanted to support it in honor of my friend, Tina. We had a great time and did well, even DJ slept for about a mile of it! is the site if you want to check it out!

Then we garage saled most of the day and found some great deals. We then yesterday attended church, Aldersgate Methodist Church in Urbandale and became members. It is a great place, very inviting and full of fellowship. We now will get the steps in motion to baptize DJ this summer.

Then we headed to the lake to visit the Great Grandparents and Grandpa Mau and Uncle Dillon came over for a visit. It was a quick visit but, very nice time with everyone and the weather was beautiful!!

DJ and the frog at the Lake!

DJ and Uncle Dillon

DJ and Grandpa Mau

DJ and Great Grandpa Butler

DJ and Great Grandma Butler

Hope you were able to get out and enjoy the weather!