DJ Love

Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas in Iowa

We have had a wonderful white Christmas this year, we had fun and good times with family from near and far.  We are blessed to be able to spend it with a happy, sweet and excited little boy.  He loved Christmas this year and enjoys having time with his family and cousin to play.

Here are a few pics of Christmas, The Winter Wonderland and Christmas with the Mau's.

DJ on Christmas Morning

Christmas Breakfast-Muffins and Milk

Stomp ROCKET!!  DJ's and Dad's fav!

The BEST Grandma EVER-spoils her boys!

Daddy can you buy me this tractor?  Parked on Main St. in Klemme.

Unwrapping gifts with the Mau's

The silliest boys with their Grandma

The silliest boys with Grandpa Mau

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas with the Mair's!

DJ and I traveled back to Illinois for our Mair Family Christmas.  Devon has been sick, well the whole family has been but, now Devon, so he stayed behind.  We went and had a great visit and time with Grandpa Mair and Uncle Bobby.  DJ as normal was spoiled with toys for Christmas and had quite a bit of fun playing with his new toys.

How fun-Fix it up, Johnny Popper!

Chuck's Obstacle Course

This is the above toy finally set-up at home

Fun time with Uncle Bobby
We had a great quick time with fun, food and family.  Now a busy rest of the week, last minute shopping, plans and cleaning before Christmas Eve church service and Christmas Day with more family.

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Traditions

We have begun some new traditions and continued some old ones.  We have seen Santa, rode the train and begun baking cookies.  We have also created our own Gingerbread Train and gotten a Santa email. 

Here is the link to our Santa message
To watch it, click here:

Our Beautiful Finished Train

We always have fun with our crafts!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Holidays!!

We were able to visit with Santa and provide our list of "suggestions".
The holiday season is upon us and we have been very fortunate this year to have a little boy that is excited about Santa and everything that the holidays bring. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Early Thanksgiving in Illinois!!

Before we made it to celebrate with our Great Grandma we were able to visit with Grandpa Mair and some friends.  Princeton had a Christmas celebration and we were able to visit with friends while taking in the festivities.  Grandpa made Thanksgiving dinner that was yummy as ever and we then went uptown with our friends Tina, Kamilla and Zeke.  The kids had fun together and we were able to see the Christmas tree lit for the season. 
Grandpa Mair always has cool toys for DJ!!  His own Big Wheel for the Big Boy!

DJ and Grandpa Mair-always laughing together!

Zeke, DJ and Kamilla-the kids had a fun time together!

Happy 90th Birthday Great Grandma Gray and Great-Great Aunt Jeanne !!

DJ is blessed to still have two great grandmothers.  We love to see both as much as possible, however, Great Grandma Gray in Illinois is very far and we don't get to see her as much as we wish we could.  She is an identical twin and we blessed to still have Great-Great Aunt Jeanne as well.  We visited both this weekend and briefly celebrated with them for their special days. 

Great-Grandma Gray and Great-Great Aunt Jeanne with DJ and Mommy

DJ was very helpful in pushing Aunt Jeanne back to her lunch table

Generations- Mommy, DJ and Great Grandma Gray

It was a long trip back to Iowa but, worth every bit given don't know if we will make it back again due to weather for the season!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall 2010 DJ

DJ has a Super Hero Life-

DJ Loved meeting the Storm Trooper!

Making more friends-

DJ introduced Spider man to his Friend Johnny Blaze.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Few shots with Cousin Spencer

All the Butler's were together on October 24th for Jill and James wedding celebration-while we didn't get any pictures of DJ with Jill and James he did spend alot of time with his cousins again.  He and Spencer are close in age about 6 months apart and played well on Great Grandpa Butler's mower.  We think he would have smiled to see the boys on it.

DJ thinks he is Driving!

Spencer is laughing at DJ's skills

Pumpkin Patches and Happy Halloween!

We have had lots of chances to Trick or Treat and visit pumpkin patches this year.  We attended the Halloween celebration at Living History Farms, Merle Hay Mall and finally our own block.  DJ had options for his costume and he chose Bob the Builder (he called it Handy Manny as well...).  It worked out that his Bob the Builder hardhat and other tools fit the costume perfectly!

The WHO-TV Design

Trick or Treating with Daddy

Living History Farms

Riding the toys at Merle Hay Mall

Bob the Builder was tired of his hat

Trick or Treating on 68th St.

Picking our pumpkins at Iowa Orchards

Happy Halloween!!

Climbing the Hay Slide

Playing in the Corn Sandbox

Outdoor Family Time

October is wrapping up and that means taking advantage of the last minute chances to be outside.  We ventured to Jester Park for the Outdoor Family event two weeks ago.  Lots of activities outside and learning about the park and equestrian center.

DJ watching the bison

Playing outdoor activities with the team

Climbing the hill on Mommy's shoulders

The wagon and horses we rode