DJ Love

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy Boy in May

We haven't blogged in a few weeks-we have been busy and active and at the end of the day, just haven't written about it! Since our last blog DJ has been to the Farmer's Market a few times, stayed with Grandma, and had lots of adventures with Daddy. School is out for the year here in Des Moines and so in the next few weeks DJ will be going to preschool and after school with Daddy.

Here are a few pictures of the I-Cubs games we have attended recently

They have a small water area for kids at Principal Park

Cubbie Bear with Daddy and DJ

A very WINDY Mother's Day game!

Watching the game from the bleacher area
 Then DJ and Devon went exploring at their favorite park, Jester Park in Granger, it is an amazing place!
Jester Park walking path
Using his binoculars


Our snack spot, DJ would like to live here!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fun with Nico

As if our Saturday was not fun enough, NICO came for a visit to Des Moines.  It was DJ's reward for being a good volunteer (or so we told him!!) and therefore the boys got to play this afternoon.....Fun in the sprinkler, water guns and general chaos!

I'm going to get you!!

Caught off guard

I think they are planning their attack....

Nico getting DJ!


Watch out Mama!

Nico having fun....

Grandma reading to her two boys...Wherever will baby Corinne fit?

Happy Mother's Day Grandma!!

Setting the Example

Devon and I are very proud to help when and where we can.  We both have family and friends who have encountered Organ Donation.  I have supported the cause since 1993 when my dear friend; at 18 years old, determined she needed a liver transplant.  It has held a special place since in my heart since then, and I have for the past 3 years done the My Angel Foundation 5K race in May.  It was DJ's first 5k at 7months old and this year as a family we volunteered our time.  It was AMAZING, rewarding and AWESOME to see DJ for 2 plus hours cheer on the racers and give high 5's and direct them up the hill (or slight incline as I was advised to say!)

Here are a few of the pics

Waiting for the racers-Story Time!

Our Hero!

Here come some kids DJ!

High 5 and up the Hill

Little Milk and Cookie Break

Cute little Volunteer!!