DJ Love

Friday, March 27, 2009

Every Night is Playtime

We have definitely over the past week or two have set into a routine. We get home from daycare, usually take a nap while we walk in the stroller for about 30 minutes and then eat dinner. DJ is polishing off a jar of food at least 2 times a day it is generally mixed with cereal and he is enjoying all fruits and veggies. He then still likes his bottle and will take about 4 oz before we play.

And does he play! He really enjoys an old toy that Devon rescued from the Butler's house in Klemme. I think Devon played with the toy when he was a kid, as I know I had it when we were growing up and they still sell versions in the stores. We were sure to clean and disinfect it of all old germs!

He sits and plays with the ball until he tumbles over and then we will play in the Exersaucer some more. We generally play till about 8pm when he falls asleep and sleeps mostly through the night till about 6am.

I am just happy to have a schedule that is working for everyone!

I can't wait till it is a little warmer and we can play outside.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Spring!

Well, its finally spring and we were able to enjoy most of the weekend with nice weather. We had a nice visit on Saturday from Grandpa Mau and were able to spend time together.

DJ and Daddy started their new schedule yesterday and it seems to be working! Devon is able to spend mornings with DJ until about 1230pm and then DJ is only in daycare for about 4 hours. It is nice for us to be able to have more time with him and for him to get interaction with others for a few hours a day. We will have to work on his napping schedule a little more as he was CRANKY after school yesterday but, did sleep through the night from about 8pm till 545am. That is just perfect for us!

Flowers from our home

DJ after his nap on Sunday

DJ and Grandpa

The Three Mau Men!

We also had a nice visit from Grandma on Sunday late afternoon but, didn't get any pictures! DJ loves to have visitors and it shows he always performs well!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Day in the Sun

Even though DJ is handling a cold/virus (gotta love daycare!!) we managed to sneak in a few minutes outside yesterday in the beautiful weather.

He quite enjoyed the cool breeze and sunshine on our walk and then played on a blanket while I cleaned up the backyard.

We hope that he will begin feeling better this week and weekend and we all can start enjoying the Springtime!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy 6month Birthday DJ!!

Today DJ is 6 months old, it is so hard to believe how big he is getting and how much he is changing daily!

We went for his checkup yesterday and he is 27 inches tall and weighs in at 17lbs. He is in the 60th percentile for both and doing well physically with no concerns. He has been eating solids for a while and now we can introduce fruits and begin on his sippy cup usage.

(Might I add before I had a kid I never knew all these RULES!!)

He is sitting well unassisted and as I stated earlier has his two first bottom teeth however, will not let me get a picture of them! We can also introduce tap water now as he gets more teeth to get him the fluoride he needs.

He is home today with Daddy-they were considering going to the boy's basketball championships at Well Fargo, we will see if everyone co-operated when I get home!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Visit with Grandma

Here is a picture of DJ with Grandma from Sunday.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy Weekend...

DJ and I took a little road trip yesterday to see Great Grandpa and Grandma Butler at Lake Cornelia. It was a decision that was made without consulting the proper forecast! We left in rain and I decided that would not be a problem, well the rain wasn't, the snow, sleet and hail WAS! We were able to play and visit shortly, have a brief lunch and then as soon as the hail started we hightailed it out of there! We ended up driving back on Interstate 35 at 35 MPH for about an hour in one lane on various winter weather conditions. Fortunately, DJ slept the whole drive back and therefore I could stress out, be cautious and count the vehicles in the ditch by myself...the count was 22 between the Clarion (RT. 3) exit and Story City.

I bless my 4WD for giving me confidence and my husbands constant voice in my ear that slow and steady wins the race, for all that know me at all I have never been the tortoise but, yesterday I was and won.

We are nearing DJ's 6 month birthday and took photos on Saturday that I am posting a few of. As always DJ is very photogenic and is quite cute (I am not opinionated!!)

We have also hit some major milestones this week, DJ is sitting unassisted and his bottom two teeth have broken through. It's amazing how he learns to do things so quickly and is changing so much.

We will post the stats of his Dr.'s appnt on Wednesday to see how much he has progressed!

We also visited with Grandma on Sunday and I will post that photo later today!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Everyday is playtime!

DJ is really coming into a schedule and really enjoying everything. He plays ALOT and LAUGHS all the time. I can look at him funny and he will giggle loudly, so loudly the meat guys at Fareway on Saturday all burst out laughing!

He is quite the entertainer! He is sleeping much better and in his own bed and has been consistently sleeping through the night, its amazing!

We are very excited for next weeks 6month checkup, he is definately filling out with the cereal and veggies he eats so I am curious at what levels he is at.

A recent picture of DJ playing, in his ever favorite Exersaucer...thank you Grandma!