DJ Love

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We never get any with Dad

DJ and Daddy at the pool at Grandpa's much FUN!!

Family visits

DJ has been a very busy boy this past week and weekend. Visits from all the family have been great and DJ has especially loved playing with his cousin Nico (or NiNi) as he prefers to call him. They were great together and we were able to get LOTS of pictures and outside time.

Grandma and the boys at the park.

The boys playing with the water table, a MUST have for little boys!

DJ and Grandpa with Bubbles....

DJ flying his kite. (Thanks for the pic Danielle!)

Had great weather to be outside at the park, flying kites and having picnics. It was a great weekend.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter in Illinois

We had the opportunity travel to Illinois for the Easter Weekend. It was a quick trip but, fun to see friends at the Easter Egg Hunt and visit with family. It was quick and busy but, a good time was had by all.

Visiting with Great Grandma Mair
Park play with Uncle Bob
Easter Egg Hunt for the Family
DJ and Sadie during our at home Easter Egg Hunt

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Spring

DJ really like to explore in the woods for new things. Loves this creek and would love it more if Daddy would let me go swimming. The little pond in this area he tried to swim to the geese.

DJ and Daddy outside Great Grandpa Butler's Lake house. During a Business trip with Mommy up to North Iowa.

DJ has no fear. He loves this at the park and walks back and forth. After walking with Daddy once he now looks for this first at the park.

DJ and Daddy enjoying a great moment with Great Grandpa Butler and Great Grandma Butler at there Lake house-

A Summer day at the Old Ball Park in April.

The Iowa Cubs had Open practice Tuesday. Daddy always loves the word free and sports, and DJ loves being outside with things to climb so a few hours at the ball park was perfect. The Iowa Cubs are being managed this year by one of the greatest Cubs ever, Ryne Sandberg!!!

  • Thing DJ did at the old ball park-
  • Walked up every step daddy would allow me-
  • Talked to the daughter of one the Iowa Cubs.
  • Made a run for it, and got into the field with the Iowa Cubs.
  • Try ed to switch water bottle with beer of guy next to me.
  • Played with other kids in the outfield water park.
  • Thanks to an friend I got my first baseball from a game.

Look out daddy going to play-

Mommy stopped bye after work-

Daddy told me to watch number 23, Someone named Ryne. Daddy said he is a All Star!! Not sure what daddy is talking about he looks a little two old to still be playing baseball.