DJ Love

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Nice Weekend....

We had a fun time this weekend enjoying the State Fair. Devon and DJ came out and visited me, I had to work, and then walked about checking out the “stuff”. Devon and DJ viewed the tractors and had quite a bit of fun!

We also visited the animals, the Biggest Boar, the cattle, horses, goats, rabbits and more pigs. It was quite fun. Due to the Swine Flu you were not “encouraged” to pet the animals as you could in prior years and I do believe DJ might have been a bit overwhelmed and tired with all the activity.

Mommy and DJ at the Fair-Looking at the Biggest Boar

We had to eat a few treats and DJ firmly believed he wanted a porkchop on a stick....YUMMY!!

Then Devon put up DJ’s swing in the backyard and we have had quite a bit of fun with it!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lake Visit

We took a quick ride on Sunday to the lake, to visit the Great Grandparents. It was a great visit and we have a couple of quick pics.

Great Grandpa took us on on the lake for DJ's first boat ride. It was great, he loved every fast, windy wet minute. Great Grandpa even let him "drive" the boat.

Boat Ride with Great Grandpa Butler

Riding with Mommy

It was great to visit and then we headed back home. Busy Weekend with our Kinnick road trip and lake trip but, worth it. Next weekend, is the last one before school starts again. Drake begins classes on August 24th and that means a busy Mommy again! So, we will be staying home and trying to relax!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Its Fair Time!!

What would the Mau family do for the fair? Eat 100 things on a stick, go to a concert, find a Mullet Wig for Daddy to wear? Maybe,Daddy would get my swing put together before my 7th Birthday??

DJ Praying for a Good Practice

Nope!! Daddy and Mommy took me for a nice drive, to historic Kinnick Stadium.
To watch a College football game right? Nope--just to watch Iowa practice and get ready for the season. Its official folka less then a month from my 1st Birthday and I got to see inside of what Daddy calls heaven.

DJ and Mommy in the stands

Its very cool and I hope to get back many more times. However,I never officially noticed God. But,I did see a couple cool statues and love the new turf!!

DJ and Daddy with the new turf in the background

DJ and Daddy admiring the Iron Men Hawkeyes

Told Mommy if I ever have a baby brother, Kinnick would be a great name. Daddy and Mommy laughed. Daddy told me he will take me to a UNI and because he went to college there I could play on the field. Can you say Road Trip!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Here are a few of the pics of DJ on this footstool. Keep in mind we have now removed the stool from the living room. Pretty soon we will only have toys and a couch!

Here is DJ very proud of his accomplishment!!

DJ is standing on the footstool. Do you see that he walked over there with his toy next to it!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


DJ is climbing the steps at Grandma's

DJ is 11 months, so hard to believe. In just one short month he will have joined us a year ago, and how this past year has FLOWN! We are so fortunate to have a healthy, happy and beautiful boy. He is very inquisitive right now and this is definitely part of the age. He is into opening cabinets, climbing, and moving, all the time. He has perfected the stair climb in the past week and has now shown Mommy that a quick run up stairs to grab something will result in a baby quickly following. He is all boy, he enjoys dirt and grass when we are outside and loves to swing sticks around like a conductor of a symphony. He is quite musical, loves his piano and all music and especially enjoys the piano at church, as he sits and claps and rocks. He has perfected his climbing over and under things and especially put us up for a scare on Monday when he climbed ON TOP of Great Grandpa Mair's step stool to peek at what his Daddy was doing. He found great joy in the "new view" and I am certain thought it was quite funny when his Daddy was shocked.

We are blessed to have this little man who will continue to rule our world and bring us joy.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

DJ's Baptism

We were blessed this weekend to have our family here to celebrate DJ's baptism. We shared time with Danielle and Nico as well as Grandma, Grandpa Mau and Dillon. Grandpa Mair and Uncle Bob were here for the day as well. Even the Kaduce's were able to join us at church.

It was a great Saturday, well very hot, but great. The boys played we cooked out and shared time together. Then we headed to church for the service and baptism. DJ did very well, didn't even flinch when the Pastor took him, blessed him with water and introduced him to the congregation. He was a very good boy.

We have a few pictures, not as many as we wish but a few. We should have some GREAT ones from a photo shoot earlier in the day with Nico and Grandma to share later in the week.

DJ and Uncle Dillon

DJ with Daddy and Uncle Dillon

It's a short post today as DJ will be 11 months on Tuesday and I will update then.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Energized and Exhausting!!

DJ has become quite a busy and active boy. He is NON STOP!! He is a crawling and learning to walk fool. We are constantly chasing and gating off areas for him to enter and not, it is a maze. He is quite capable of doing many things including exhausting both his parents.

Today must have been a growth spurt, he decided to sleep all Saturday night from 815 till 445 am. When he woke at 445 I truly believed he would take a bottle and go back to sleep, oh what a silly mommy. He was up for the morning, well till his nap for 45 minutes at 615. Then we played ALL morning and went to Menards and ran errands. Then we ate some lunch and played somemore. DJ quite loves to walk the furniture, pull up on the babygate and read his books in his little book nook.

He then determined his 2nd favorite past time is helping Mommy cook, this is where we will need to upgrade the babyproofing!

Finally we did get a new car this weekend, its a great little car. We finally had to part ways with the Expedition. It was a sad little moment to leave her on Friday night but, we are pleased to have a BRAND NEW car. We think DJ loves the car too...

Well this is his car, our's is a Black Dodge Caliber. We will have pictures of it posted soon!

Can't wait to see everyone on Saturday, have a great week!!