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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Its Fair Time!!

What would the Mau family do for the fair? Eat 100 things on a stick, go to a concert, find a Mullet Wig for Daddy to wear? Maybe,Daddy would get my swing put together before my 7th Birthday??

DJ Praying for a Good Practice

Nope!! Daddy and Mommy took me for a nice drive, to historic Kinnick Stadium.
To watch a College football game right? Nope--just to watch Iowa practice and get ready for the season. Its official folka less then a month from my 1st Birthday and I got to see inside of what Daddy calls heaven.

DJ and Mommy in the stands

Its very cool and I hope to get back many more times. However,I never officially noticed God. But,I did see a couple cool statues and love the new turf!!

DJ and Daddy with the new turf in the background

DJ and Daddy admiring the Iron Men Hawkeyes

Told Mommy if I ever have a baby brother, Kinnick would be a great name. Daddy and Mommy laughed. Daddy told me he will take me to a UNI and because he went to college there I could play on the field. Can you say Road Trip!!

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Grandma said...

DJ, I've been looking at these pics for a couple of days now. I am amazed at what a busy weekend you had. It looks like you were having a great time and helping everyone else to have a great time too!, Love, Grandma