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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Energized and Exhausting!!

DJ has become quite a busy and active boy. He is NON STOP!! He is a crawling and learning to walk fool. We are constantly chasing and gating off areas for him to enter and not, it is a maze. He is quite capable of doing many things including exhausting both his parents.

Today must have been a growth spurt, he decided to sleep all Saturday night from 815 till 445 am. When he woke at 445 I truly believed he would take a bottle and go back to sleep, oh what a silly mommy. He was up for the morning, well till his nap for 45 minutes at 615. Then we played ALL morning and went to Menards and ran errands. Then we ate some lunch and played somemore. DJ quite loves to walk the furniture, pull up on the babygate and read his books in his little book nook.

He then determined his 2nd favorite past time is helping Mommy cook, this is where we will need to upgrade the babyproofing!

Finally we did get a new car this weekend, its a great little car. We finally had to part ways with the Expedition. It was a sad little moment to leave her on Friday night but, we are pleased to have a BRAND NEW car. We think DJ loves the car too...

Well this is his car, our's is a Black Dodge Caliber. We will have pictures of it posted soon!

Can't wait to see everyone on Saturday, have a great week!!

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Grandma said...

DJ, I can confirm that you are one BUSY boy!! Once again great pictures for your blog. Looking forward to seeing you and all your family on Saturday. Love, Grandma