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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy Boy-DJ Mau

We are the parents of a busy busy boy. He has many new talents including:

Walking behind the push toy from Grandpa's.

Helping Mommy in the kitchen, pushing the mixing bowls around and opening cabinets.

Standing at the sliding glass door and waving at Sadie, as well as trying to open the door.

Eating all food, a new favorite from Daycare is Tater Tots and Ground Meat (he is an Iowa boy after all!!)

Holding his own bottle and now using his sippy cup properly. It's a fun new trick!!

Walking along furniture and today for the first time, standing completely unassisted. This is new today and occurred at the Library, so I could not cheer.
Plus DJ was pulling books from the shelves shortly before so the constant "No" was slightly discouraging.

We are constantly distracting and redirecting to new more positive actions, its a challenge some days!

We will update some pictures shortly!!

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