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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun Summertime

DJ has perfected a new look recently we decided it was a must share.

What do you think??

DJ had a great weekend, he spent Saturday with Grandma and was quite a good boy, according to Grandma of course. They played, swang and slept, it was a good time had by all.

We then on Sunday worked around the house and DJ played outside...he is perfecting his standing skills.

He is completely crawling, on all fours. He is VERY speedy and keeps us all running. He has managed to open the sliding glass door to the backyard, when he stands. He is really doing well at swim lessons, and as the youngest in our group he is showing off his fearlessness. He is a willing participant in going completely under water and kicking and trying to paddle. It's really a great time for he and I. We are trying to get a few pictures off the video camera to share soon!

DJ is getting more teeth, we are currently up to about 9 and I know there are more moving on down. They are proving to be quite stubborn!!

Here is a new visitor in our flowers, one lone Star Gazer pretty!!

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