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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy Fourth of July Weekend

We were able to travel during the past weekend and were quite busy! We headed to Lake Cornelia and Klemme on Friday, stopped at the Lake and visited briefly before heading to Klemme for the night. We attempted swimming on Friday in the lake however, it was cold and DJ was not in love with the whole "COLD" concept.

First Ice Cream cone...very yummy!!

We had a great visit in Klemme with Grandpa Mau and Uncle Dillon, it was nice to spend Friday night with both of them. The after a slow rainy start to Saturday we headed back to the lake, and visited with all the Gowin Cousins, it was great to see everyone!

Grandpa got a new Mower--a new toy.

We arrived back home in Urbandale to Fireworks galore, from our driveway we could see 3 different shows, at once! And none of them were Urbandale's, those did not start till an hour later! After a VERY late night, we made it to bed and tried to sleep.

Sunday we headed to downtown Des Moines, walked around and had a great at the Spaghetti Works, then come back to the park and Urbandale carnival. We enjoyed our time and then worked outside in the yard.

DJ thinks mowing is quite fun!!

A nice long weekend with friends, family and activities!

P.S--Welcome to our new playmate, Owen James Kaduce born on July 6th. We can't wait to meet him and The Kaduce's are doing well (Jay, Rebecca and Evan).

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