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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 10 months DJ!!

Its hard to believe that D.J. is 10 months old, it seems like we just had colic and weren't sleeping through the night, oh wait we still aren't! It's a work in progress. I(Jayme) have given the blog ownership over to the boys this week so here is the story according to my boys!

Per Devon, from D.J.'s point of view

What a Weekend!!

Started off with my Daddy's car breaking down on his way home for the weekend-good thing it was towable and according to Mommy not too expensive!! Daddy was able to let off some anger and forget about that by going to a concert later that night- four bands at the legendary Val Air Ball Room- Which ended with daddy's new favorite band Hollywood Undead.

Let's just say Daddy looked like an undercover cop trying to blend in with the kids. The concert was very fun even if the bands and local radio labeled it as the hottest concert ever. Daddy told me that Hollywood Undead ROCKED and when I get older he will tell me a few stories about why the high temperature was enjoyable.
(Think young ladies minimal clothing)

Saturday started with Daddy taking me and Mommy to Farmers Market. I think Daddy had to pay for partying Friday night out without us. Mommy really enjoys the BIGGER Farmers Market, I enjoy people watching and get to see tons of DOGS, but it was to hot for Sadie, but I wore my Boston Terrier T-shirt to show my support. We came home and I crashed for a few hours and Mommy and Daddy played with the flower garden.

Then it was off to see Aunt Becky and Australian Cousin Jill!!! I put on a great show like normal, everyone loves me. The night was just starting. I got to go to my very first Pro Football game The Iowa Barnstomers. I guess they are a big deal as Daddy really loves the team. Daddy even said he was at the very first Arena Football game in Iowa, then he talks for hours about the team and the history but, normally I fall asleep after the first Kurt Warner story.

Mommy warned me that daddy might get crazy, but I was so happy that so many people came to the game to party for my 10 month birthday party. I loved the game so much- there was so much stuff to do and see.

I'm debating what was the best part either the cute little cheerleaders at half time or the fact I got to go on the field after the game.

Here are my pictures, envisioning my TOUCHDOWN!!

I have a very busy schedule these days with Playing you know!

I cannot wait for Monday afternoon, I start swim lessons I am sure my Mom and Dad will post pics!


Grandma said...

Looks like you had a really good time, DJ. I had a lot of fun seeing you on Saturday night. You really charmed Aunt Becky and Cousin Jill! Love, Grandma

Grandma said...

DJ, it was fun to get to watch you this Saturday. Thanks for having such a good time and for being so good. We'll work on the word "cat" or "kitty". I don't think Bella understood why you were calling her "dog" - such a step down from her real throne.
Love, Grandma.