DJ Love

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daddy's Boy

Daddy and DJ have had more time together recently due to my school schedule, we are happy that is ending on July 2! They have enjoyed the time together and DJ is really quite a Daddy's boy during the week. He seems to know when Mommy is around more on weekends (but not this one!) and tends to cling to Mommy during that time. Daddy and DJ have been working on standing and pulling up to a stand, they have succeeded. It's not every morning you wake up at 630am and hear silence..then look in your son's room and see him standing in his crib leaning over!

DJ is trying to keep us on our toes! He is into EVERYTHING, while we love his Independence and curiosity it's Exhausting! Burning all the energy getting into things has increased his appetite as well. We have been introducing various table foods and DJ has grown quite fond of a few things. He loves Ritz crackers (just like his Daddy) and ate 1/2 a whole grain waffle for breakfast! He things grapes are still pretty good and Yo Baby Yogurt is a breakfast fav!

We did finally get some 9 month pictures taken today...and DJ was a bit uncooperative but we managed.
DJ Standing

Here is DJ showing off his teeth!

We are very excited for swimming in the lake on Friday and Saturday! Can't wait to see everyone and celebrate the 4th of July!


Grandma said...

What a great picture of my two Devons!! Look forward to seeing you both at the Lake on Friday.
Love, Grandma

Grandma said...

DJ, you were great fun at the Lake. So much for you to watch. I hope you learn to love the water. I am anxious to hear about your swim lessons in the next few weeks. Hope to get over to see you sometime soon.
Love, Grandma