DJ Love

Monday, June 1, 2009

Grandpa Weekend!!

DJ was able to have both of his Grandfathers visit this past weekend, it was a nice time with both. Great weather allowed us to be outside and work in the yard, albeit breifly! DJ is having a great time exploring in the grass and trying to eat everything that is on the ground. We are really getting our workout and learning to watch him like a hawk. The most recent addition to our plethora of child proofing and toys is the babygate. We have always had one with Sadie however, now its for the child! DJ would just not leave the front door alone so, I was forced to go to desperate measures!!

Safety Precautions

Grandpa Mair

Three Generations

Then on Sunday we attended church and then were able to visit with Grandpa Mau.

Here are a few pictures of:

Grandpa Mau and DJ

Three Generations

And finally after all of this....a VERY TIRED boy!

Devon and DJ also had a great but brief visit with Danielle and Nico on Friday. It was a great time for the cousins. They are so close in age but very different!

Aunt Danielle and DJ and Devon with Nico


Grandma said...

Thank you for coming over on Friday morning to see Aunt Danielle and Nico, DJ. Even though you were tired you still had great big DJ smiles. It was great to have both my boys there to hug. Love, Grandma

Grandma said...

So glad to rock you and watch you sleep yesterday, DJ. They warned me that I would be chasing you but instead I got a whole lot of the History Channel watched. Love, Grandma