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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 teeth, 2 teeth, 3 teeth, ....Red Teeth, Blue Teeth

DJ is managing to get 4 yes, you heard it...4 teeth in at once. His top two front teeth as well as two eye teeth. Let us thus conclude he is an overachiever, he is trying to prove he can do anything he wants at any time.

I have tried (a thousand times) to get a picture of the top teeth but, its not working. So we will need to wait till they come down more. He is needless to say not a happy boy. Well, he is happy just not DJ happy. We did make a trip to the Dr. to ensure he didn't have an ear infection given his constant, nose running, coughing and fever...nope just teeth and minimal viral infection. Nothing a little Tylenol and teething drops can't help minimize. Last night was sleep. Well let me clarify we slept about 45 minutes for every hour. Devon and I took turns trying to sleep. It didn't work well for either of us.

He is getting very strong and big weighing in at 20lbs at the Dr. yesterday. He is also determined to show us how strong he is. We are working on nice touch-as he is stronger than he realizes.

We were able to lay low all weekend given DJ didn't feel great. Plus it was nice to rest and stay close to home.

A few pictures of Devon and DJ playing and reading

DJ and Mommy outside in the yard doing a craft project.

Maybe next week we will have a teeth update picture!

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