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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day and 1 year Anniversary!!!

Today was a big day, it is Devon's first Father's Day and our 1 year wedding anniversary. To celebrate the big day, we did nothing. Absolutely, nothing. It was a Devon's decision day and this was what he wanted. I didn't mind it so much either, as it helped to make me relax. DJ was very involved in the days activities....they are as follows....

We woke up....and read the paper before Grandma came and had a brief mimosa (mommy had several mimosa's).

Then we played outside in our new pool and tried to enjoy the heat, it was very short was too hot for Mom, Dad and Baby. Even Sadies only wanted to be outside for a brief few minutes!!

Then we came back inside and got ready for bed!!

We are very excited for only two more weeks of classes and then we can try and get back to our "normal" family. It has been so great to have Mikaela help us out and have her as our backup but, I will love to be home every night again!!

DJ has been really advancing in leaps and bounds. He has gotten two more teeth in the past weeks and now we are nearing 8 teeth. He has also started to pull himself up and loves to kneel in his crib or even a tripod with one leg extended. He is only brief moves from standing....I am NOT ready for that!

DJ has finally tonight taken to a sippy cup, all other versions prior to tonight have been tossed, thrown and utterly hated...I really thought he would have to travel directly to regular cups. He proved me wrong, and decided to give it a shot. It worked much better than before (3 oz), minor success!!

DJ is also eating some table foods and has proven his love for grapes, bread of any form, pasta and frosting...I know not a great combination but, its baby tastes.

We are looking forward to 4th of July in two weeks to visit with Family and swim in the Lake!

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