DJ Love

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


DJ is climbing the steps at Grandma's

DJ is 11 months, so hard to believe. In just one short month he will have joined us a year ago, and how this past year has FLOWN! We are so fortunate to have a healthy, happy and beautiful boy. He is very inquisitive right now and this is definitely part of the age. He is into opening cabinets, climbing, and moving, all the time. He has perfected the stair climb in the past week and has now shown Mommy that a quick run up stairs to grab something will result in a baby quickly following. He is all boy, he enjoys dirt and grass when we are outside and loves to swing sticks around like a conductor of a symphony. He is quite musical, loves his piano and all music and especially enjoys the piano at church, as he sits and claps and rocks. He has perfected his climbing over and under things and especially put us up for a scare on Monday when he climbed ON TOP of Great Grandpa Mair's step stool to peek at what his Daddy was doing. He found great joy in the "new view" and I am certain thought it was quite funny when his Daddy was shocked.

We are blessed to have this little man who will continue to rule our world and bring us joy.

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