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Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy Weekend...

DJ and I took a little road trip yesterday to see Great Grandpa and Grandma Butler at Lake Cornelia. It was a decision that was made without consulting the proper forecast! We left in rain and I decided that would not be a problem, well the rain wasn't, the snow, sleet and hail WAS! We were able to play and visit shortly, have a brief lunch and then as soon as the hail started we hightailed it out of there! We ended up driving back on Interstate 35 at 35 MPH for about an hour in one lane on various winter weather conditions. Fortunately, DJ slept the whole drive back and therefore I could stress out, be cautious and count the vehicles in the ditch by myself...the count was 22 between the Clarion (RT. 3) exit and Story City.

I bless my 4WD for giving me confidence and my husbands constant voice in my ear that slow and steady wins the race, for all that know me at all I have never been the tortoise but, yesterday I was and won.

We are nearing DJ's 6 month birthday and took photos on Saturday that I am posting a few of. As always DJ is very photogenic and is quite cute (I am not opinionated!!)

We have also hit some major milestones this week, DJ is sitting unassisted and his bottom two teeth have broken through. It's amazing how he learns to do things so quickly and is changing so much.

We will post the stats of his Dr.'s appnt on Wednesday to see how much he has progressed!

We also visited with Grandma on Sunday and I will post that photo later today!

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Grandma said...

DJ, you are quite the handsome little man in those pics. I am excited about Wednesday night. We can play and sing.
Love, Grandma