DJ Love

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Everyday is playtime!

DJ is really coming into a schedule and really enjoying everything. He plays ALOT and LAUGHS all the time. I can look at him funny and he will giggle loudly, so loudly the meat guys at Fareway on Saturday all burst out laughing!

He is quite the entertainer! He is sleeping much better and in his own bed and has been consistently sleeping through the night, its amazing!

We are very excited for next weeks 6month checkup, he is definately filling out with the cereal and veggies he eats so I am curious at what levels he is at.

A recent picture of DJ playing, in his ever favorite Exersaucer...thank you Grandma!

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Grandma said...

DJ, I so enjoyed our visit on Sunday. I am looking forward to you coming back. Love, Grandma