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Friday, March 27, 2009

Every Night is Playtime

We have definitely over the past week or two have set into a routine. We get home from daycare, usually take a nap while we walk in the stroller for about 30 minutes and then eat dinner. DJ is polishing off a jar of food at least 2 times a day it is generally mixed with cereal and he is enjoying all fruits and veggies. He then still likes his bottle and will take about 4 oz before we play.

And does he play! He really enjoys an old toy that Devon rescued from the Butler's house in Klemme. I think Devon played with the toy when he was a kid, as I know I had it when we were growing up and they still sell versions in the stores. We were sure to clean and disinfect it of all old germs!

He sits and plays with the ball until he tumbles over and then we will play in the Exersaucer some more. We generally play till about 8pm when he falls asleep and sleeps mostly through the night till about 6am.

I am just happy to have a schedule that is working for everyone!

I can't wait till it is a little warmer and we can play outside.

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Grandma said...

DJ, you are growing so fast. Such a smiley face! Love, Grandma