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Sunday, April 12, 2009

7 months and Happy Easter!!

Happy 7 months DJ!

It has a been a busy few days, DJ and I drove to IL on Friday to visit with Grandpa Mair and Uncle Bob. We had a nice time on Friday and then had the chance to visit with friends on Saturday. It was a great time. We also saw Great Grandma Mair while we were there and she was quite taken with DJ. It was great to have a nice visit with her.

DJ and Uncle Bob

The Mair Grandchildren

DJ and Great Grandma Mair and Mommy

DJ and Great Grandma Mair

We drove home on Saturday after DJ spiked a nice fever, it is getting to be pattern whenever we return to IL. I thought it was probably an ear infection, which it is after seeing the Dr. just before close on Saturday evening. They also believe he may have chicken pox, we will see what his pediatrician thinks tomorrow morning. I guess if we have to get over it quickly and early on its best to get it over with.

It's very hard to believe that DJ is 7 months old. He is changing very fast and daily able to do something new. It's amazing how big he is getting and how different he is from when we brought him home.

We are so happy to have fun with him daily, its just amazing how much he laughs and giggles, even when he doesn't feel well.

I will update more tomorrow when we get another diagnosis!!

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Grandma said...

DJ, you looked so happy yesterday. I am so sorry that you aren't feeling well. Will look forward to hearing the diagnosis today. Love, Grandma