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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Setting the Example

Devon and I are very proud to help when and where we can.  We both have family and friends who have encountered Organ Donation.  I have supported the cause since 1993 when my dear friend; at 18 years old, determined she needed a liver transplant.  It has held a special place since in my heart since then, and I have for the past 3 years done the My Angel Foundation 5K race in May.  It was DJ's first 5k at 7months old and this year as a family we volunteered our time.  It was AMAZING, rewarding and AWESOME to see DJ for 2 plus hours cheer on the racers and give high 5's and direct them up the hill (or slight incline as I was advised to say!)

Here are a few of the pics

Waiting for the racers-Story Time!

Our Hero!

Here come some kids DJ!

High 5 and up the Hill

Little Milk and Cookie Break

Cute little Volunteer!!

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