DJ Love

Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy Weekends

Grandpa Mair and DJ

Botanical Garden on Earth Day

Easter Bunny at Living History Farms

Mommy and DJ on the wagon ride

DJ loved the baby pig

DJ learned to make an Easter card the "old fashioned" way

Easter Egg Hunt at LHF

Grandma gave DJ and Easter Bunny bread

Walking with Daddy

Having fun at the Lake

Mommy tie my shoe....

The Mau's with silly boy DJ



Fun with Grandpa Mau

Uncle Dillon is the coolest!

Great Grandma Butler's COOL glasses!

Checking out the real estate
We started a few weeks ago with a visit from Grandpa Mair-he came to see us (well really just DJ and Sadie) and it was a nice visit where DJ entertained with his musical talents. Piano, drumming and singing...Grandpa's ears were ringing when he left!

We then had a normal week that led to Earth Day at the Botanical Garden, Easter Activities at Living History Farms and finally the Easter Holiday at the lake.

Good times and lots of laughter; DJ is quite a little boy who is inquisitive and always asking questions and curious about everything. We have received many compliments about his good manners and how mature he is for his age. We are just happy to have a good little boy who loves spending time with his Mommy and Daddy.

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