DJ Love

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Its Green Bean Wednesday!!

DJ is becoming quite a big boy, he is changing all the time. He is now eating between 5-6 tablespoons of cereal a day between two feedings. He is also learning to sit up and practicing at day care! We are working on it see below:

We started with Green Beans tonight and he did quite well, he seemed to enjoy them and I hope it stays that way with all veggies.

Devon and DJ have been working on his scooting/crawling. DJ is tired of being stationary and is continually workingon making himself mobile. He has learned if he rolls from tummy to back and back to his tummy he moves...its his new flip flopping motion. We figured if he was doing that he might as well use the muscles and he has begun moving his knees and arms for scooting but, not gotten mobile yet!

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