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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weekend in Illinois and 5 months!

We had a very busy weekend last week-we traveled to IL to see Grandpa Mair and visit with friends. DJ traveled very well to and from and was quite the good boy, even with a double ear infection! He was spiking a fever off and on once we arrived and we thought it was due to teething but found out it on Monday it was much more!

He is definitely on the mend and doing much better. He is eating cereal like a champ at daycare about 2.5 TBSP at lunch and then another 1-2 TBSP with a bottle at dinner. He was sleeping quite well prior to the ear infection so we hope to get him back on track this week again!

He is now very actively teething and I keep checking his mouth for a little tooth to pop through. He also seems to found more of his voice, he has been "babbling" for a few weeks but now has been "squealing" for a few days! He really enjoys hearing his own voice.

It is hard to believe to DJ is 5 month old! He is happy and playing all they time and really enjoying exploring. We took a nice walk outside last night and he was checking out the birds, trees and surroundings. He is learning to sit up better each day and I believe in another month he will be sitting on his own-we are looking forward to it!

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