DJ Love

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tummy Time

We have had a pretty good week-we think we have found the solution to the colic/fussiness that we were experiencing and have switched formulas with succeess. DJ has been sleeping much better and not as fussy in the mornings for his Daddy. We generally get to sleep 9pm-3am and then 330am-5am.

We have been working on Tummy time and building our neck muscles...he is a little bruiser. He definately is stronger physically and is really growing. The only problem is when he is out his hands and fist go flying. Daddy is getting him ready early for his MMA/UFC days!

We are having family dinner this weekend with Devon's family and hope that Nico and his parents get to visit.

I love to see the cousins side by side, they are so cute!

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