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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Weekend of Firsts....

DJ decided this was going to be his weekend of firsts. It started on Thursday night he slept through the night! WOO HOO-- however it was only for one night. I am thanking the Kaduce's (Jay,Rebecca,Evan and Owen) for it as they were over for dinner and play time that made our baby very tired!

The rest of the weekend DJ decided he was going to walk, get his first hair cut and try and take over church. It was eventful!

We got DJ's haircut Saturday afternoon and he did a GREAT job! He was very content to look at the cute baby in the mirror and eat Goldfish crackers.

This is the look Dad and I wanted....

However, Grandma and DJ decided for the more "calm" look-

Then he decided at Church that evening that he was going to lead the service, he tried several times to head to the front during the service by walking and crawling. Good thing Devon was fast on his tail!

We then headed home for dinner and relaxing, or so I thought! DJ decided Saturday night he was going to demonstrate his walking skills. He took about 4-5 steps completely unassisted and has been improving every day since then. I have no doubt by his 1st birthday he will a walking/running fool!

Watch out world here he comes!!!

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