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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun Physical Fitness

We had a fun weekend as a family, enjoying lots of sports and physical fitness.  We attended a few outings for DJ on Saturday and watched Football today.  DJ had an opportunity to attend a JumpBunch class on Saturday morning at the library.  It is a new company to Des Moines and DJ loved the obstacle course.  I have a feeling we will be attending classes.  We also attended an open house at Apex Athletics here in Johnston.  DJ has attended a Daddy and Me class there prior and the teacher has taken a fondness for Devon and DJ.  I know when our tumbling is done this week at the Y, we will be signing up for classes at Apex.  It's a great fun time for the kids!

Running and practicing our Tumbling

Tunnel on the obstacle course

DJ thought it was a game to outrun the coaches!

They had face painting, we have a puppy named DJ.

Very happy to talk and entertain in the mirror-I have NO IDEA where he gets that from!

Two happy boys!

Our smeared but happy little puppy!

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