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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh The Places We Will Go....Buses and Taxis and Trains...Oh My!!

Lake Shore Drive and the Skyline!
Well by now most of your who read this are aware that DJ and I went to Chicago for vacation.  Devon was still under the weather but told us to go ahead and make the most of it.  We had a good drive, DJ is a GREAT traveler, and got into Chicago on Thursday around 1pm.  We checked into our hotel, The Allerton, and began peaking out our window which looked directly onto Michigan Ave.  DJ was amazed 1st and foremost with ALL the traffic, people and honking horns!  He could not believe all the action and comotion. 

DJ and I then began walking around Michigan Ave and visited NikeTown and a few other stores.  We ended up at the Wrigley Building and hopped on the Double Decker bus for a tour of the city.  We saw all the "tourist" sites and ended at Navy Pier.  The tour was 2.5 hours and DJ loved it, we saw lots of cars, building and again traffic (are you seeing the pattern?).  We then went inside, The Chicago Children's Museum is at Navy Pier and we began the outing there.  What Fun!!  A Fort room (tents and forts galore), a water room (the kids get rain coats to stay dry!) and lots more including art, miniatures and a fire department!  Uncle Bobby met us and we walked about rode Thomas the Train (DJ wanted the Ferris Wheel but, I didn't think he would last the whole time) and ate dinner.  Busy Day! 

Up and at'em early the next morning, Uncle Bobby met us at 645am and we went to grab a quick breakfast at the Corner Bakery.  The time period we were in Chicago was Community Week-meaning all the museums and such were free.  Which means LONG lines.  We heard this and wanted to prepare early.  So after breakfast we grabbed a cab to Shedd Aquarium.  We got to the Aquarium and Museum Campus around 745am and there is already a line!  We walked about and then got in line, doors opened at 830am-and we rushed with all the others, we toured the place and saw the sights.  Great place and fun kids area-DJ loved the whales but, flash photography is prohibited so, I tried to not be camera happy! 

Once we finished we caught another cab (this one had a minor fender bender!!) and headed to Lincoln Park Zoo.  Awesome place, open to public and fun things for the kids.  They had a farm, all the animals and a splash area for kids.  More walking was rewarded by another train ride and a ride on the carousal.  After a long day we walked through Lincoln Park, hopped in a cab back to Michigan Ave. 

After shopping at the Disney Store we had lunch at Giordano's (real Chicago style pizza!) and then it was 430pm and were all EXHAUSTED!!  Resting in our hotel for the rest of the night was in order!

We got up Saturday morning, had breakfast (room service amazed DJ--"people brought me bacon to my bed??") and then got on the road.  Another long 5 1/2 hours back to Des Moines and DJ again was a champ!

Waiting for the Bus!

On top of the bus, touring the town.

DJ loved this, Rainforest Cafe.

Driving the Fire Truck

Pumping Water!

Learning about Plumbing

Riding Thomas at Navy Pier

Man and his fish, Shedd Aquarium

Driving the Submarine!

Splash area at Lincoln Park Zoo


Thanks Uncle Bobby for ALL the Fun!  Let's do it AGAIN!
Fun times-next time Daddy has to come!

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