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Sunday, July 20, 2008

31 Weeks

Lots of changes and updates in the past week. We visited the Dr. on Tuesday and were informed-that our son is measuring large. This is not all that shocking given, Devon was a 10 pound plus baby and I was average sized at 7lbs. They determined we are measuring large we were 30 weeks and measuring at 35 weeks so they will keep an eye on it and determine at 36 weeks via Ultrasound if we are moving our due date or just giving birth to a toddler!!

We also bought a home! This was on Thursday night and are very excited about it. We expect to close in the end of August and get moved shortly before our little one joins the family. This will make for a very busy August and September but, maybe it will make the time fly by so DJ can join us.

Overall feeling pretty good and healthy- walked quite a bit last week and the picture attached is from Devon's "20 minutes of fitness" that Running Room had Wednesday night. It was great to have friends (Kris, Jay, Rebecca and Evan) along with family (Gwen and Chloe) to walk with us.

DJ is moving constantly less kicking more moving and "swimming". This morning he wanted to kick so he was displaying his independence. He is also constantly growing or at least I feel like I am constantly growing and getting larger!

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