DJ Love

Monday, July 7, 2008

29 weeks and 2 days

Hard to believe we are technically past the 7 months date. We are busy touring hospitals to determine where to give birth-btwn Mercy and Lutheran. We will decide by end of the week and then start our prenatal classes and breast feeding classes.

We are also searching diligently for a new home, we have put an offer in recently--and hope that is all works out. I am anxiously waiting for the home and room to set up little DJ's crib and hang all the clothing we have. We are going to wrap up the baby registry soon and then get it out to everyone!

Feeling pretty good have had a few stretches at what I am assuming is Braxton Hicks. But, overall I have mostly good days. I have figured out that if I keep moving about slowly throughout the day and not sit to0 long I feel better at the end of the day. So the warehouse may be getting more and more help!

No new pics to update yet but, will get some out in the next week we hope!

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