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Sunday, June 29, 2008

7 months-84 days to go

Hard to believe we are 7 months pregnant. We go to the dr. tomorrow for our normal check-up and then will continue for check-ups every two weeks till week 36. Not much has changed on the baby front, he is constanly moving (a good thing) and I have been feeling pretty well still. However, I am more tired than I had been in the past few months. We are looking forward to going to the lake this coming holiday and I have even sprung for a maternity suit to catch some rays!

We have narrowed down our home search and will more than likely be putting in an offer this week. Once that is underway, then I feel we can start getting ready to move. I cannot wait to get the baby's room put together. I am anxious for the crib to be setup and clothing to be hung in the closet. I guess this is what they call nesting!

Once Devon and I make it through the move the baby will be the home stretch! I am really quite lucky how well I feel and while my appetite is increased I am still able to get out and walk just not as far and not as fast.

Got a very nice glider this weekend at a garage sale and have been practicing my baby rocking far he seems to like it.

If anything new happens at the dr, we will keep you posted.

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