DJ Love

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dr. Appointment Update

We went to the Dr. on Tuesday and were able to determine that DJ is actually head down! That is one less thing to worry about and makes us very happy he is not breech or else wise. His heartbeat was about 150 bpm, and very healthy. As usual is a little ahead of the game, measuring a few weeks ahead but, nothing to worry about yet. Next time we return we will actually start going every week and then they will start to determine if I am dilated or not. We attended our Lamaze classes last Saturday and learned quite a bit, and are looking forward to the actual birth-well, I am- Maybe not Devon!

I was fortunate enough to be able to return to IL for my dad’s birthday and was able to visit with my friends who were kind enough to throw me a small shower. We received great clothing, diapers, wipes…etc and a bouncer. Which we have been advised is the tool to use-when trying to get a shower accomplished!

We are nearing the home stretch and the Dr. kindly informed me the baby could come 2 weeks before or after our due date-which is completely normal. So, while I am anxious I am also trying to be patient!

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