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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We are in the home stretch!

Currently we are 9 months pregnant-hard to believe it huh? I am still feeling great, some aches and pains but what do you expect when I am carrying another person around.

I did a one mile walk for charity on Saturday with my friend Tracey and it made me feel good to know I could still do it this far along. I just keep doing what I can.

Went to the dr. yesterday and we are still on course for the 20th of Sept (give or take) as our due date. Baby is big, but....not causing us any troubles healthwise so no need to rush it.

We closed on the house last night and so we will move this weekend and then I can get the nursery all set-up. I am anxious for that and ready to get his room all ready.

Overall a healthy baby and mommy is all we care about and of course a stress-free dad...but we all know that will never happen!

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