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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy Week!

We had a very busy week and had lots of visitors and had a great trip to North Iowa. We were able to travel around the Des Moines area and went to the park on Wednesday night and visited with the Kaduces's. DJ loved his first park playdate.

On Thursday, DJ and I visited my job and stopped by Devon's work for a vist.

Friday the visitors started! Grandpa Mau and Uncle Dillon came to visit as well as Aunt Danielle and Uncle Connor and Cousin Nico. It was great to have them here all weekend and to share time with everyone. I have lots of pictures of the two cousins and the grandparents.

On Saturday, we all watched the Iowa game and it was a good game!

Sunday, we drove to North Iowa to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Butler. It was nice to finally introduce DJ to Great Grandpa and had the great luck to see Great Aunt Becky and Great Aunt Ed.

Lots of Pictures to be posted and more travels next week, think DJ and I are heading to Waterloo for the day!

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