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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Uncle Bob Visits....

DJ had more visitors this weekend...Uncle Bob from IL came to visit. They had a nice time on Friday night getting to know each other.

It was great to have Bob visit and come back to Iowa and see the house and us since the wedding. I have attached a picture.

Last night was a rough night....we were up ever hour, it appears that fussy and gassy DJ came to visit. Once we finally got past it this morning around 1100 am...then this afternoon has been better. It was a rough....12 hours though, with little sleep.

Looks like we will have visitors this next weekend with cousin Nico! Danielle, Conner and Nico will be coming from KC and Grandpa Mau as well as Dillon and Sara we assume as well..

Can't wait for more company!

The second picture is of DJ watching the Iowa game today with was a rough game and you can see DJ threw in the blanket....:D

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