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Sunday, December 14, 2008

3 months old

Its hard to believe that 3 months ago we didn't know what our little man could do to our world. In a brief quarter of a year we have learned that the world no longer revolves around us, our needs are minimal, you can function on 3 hours of sleep and that the smile of your son can bring so much joy. DJ turned 3 months on Thursday and its hard to imagine what life was ever like before him. He is really turning into quite a little man. He is quite happy, smiles often and is finally settling into a schedule of sorts and for the past few nights has slept from about 800pm to 5am. It is has been wonderful and restful.

Saturday we went up to see his Great Grandparents at Lake Cornelia. We had very nice visit and DJ charmed them with his dancing, smiling and cooing. We then headed back home, had a brief visit with Grandma Butler and today we are having his 3 month pictures taken and doing some Christmas shopping.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season, we are truly counting our blessings this year.

I have two pictures, one of Great Grandpa Butler playing with DJ and the final of DJ's new past time, shaking his rattle. Before we know it he will be lifting weights and preparing for his sport of choice!

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