DJ Love

Sunday, December 28, 2008

We had a nice Christmas day with the family, and unfortunately the weather has delayed the Mair Christmas yet again. When the ice/snow decide they will tame for a day or more, we will meet up to celebrate. Hopefully soon!

We did get to visit with all of Devon's family and had a very nice Christmas day. The days following were warm and nice and then cold and icy. Unfortunately, the changing weather is definately playing havoc on our immune systems. I am finally in the end of the cold, and DJ is recovering quickly behind me. However, Devon is not as lucky and has been pretty ill...lets hope that he can recover quickly in the next few days.

I have a few pictures, the first is of DJ "praying" for more toys for Christmas next year. He really is developing his milestones, he is constantly clasping his hands and putting anything he can in his mouth. He is gaining control and working on sitting in his Bumbo seat and is gaining leg muscules that he can stand briefly on his feet when supported. It is amazing how strong he is!

I like the picture of the two boys, it is amazing how much bigger Nico is, he is truly taking the older cousing role and running with it!

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