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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Our first New Years was very uneventful, we were asleep by 7pm well, except Devon who was awake till about 9:30. We are recovering still from the flu and definitely are only functioning at partial ability. DJ must be going through a growth spurt, yesterday was a hungry day. He ate about 6oz every two hours or so, it made for a long night when we have been spoiled with DJ sleeping through the most of the night. But, if it makes him bigger and stronger in 2009 we will live!

Today we have had a very busy day of exersaucer, bouncy seat, tummy time and finally our new favorite of Playhouse Disney. It's amazing how fascinated he becomes by Mickey and friends...he is spellbound. I figure its better than the cooking shows or reality TV we are watching at other times.

We watched the Outback Bowl and were happy to see Iowa win, Go Hawks.

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