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Sunday, January 11, 2009

DJ is 4 months!

Hard to believe DJ is 4 months old. It is amazing all the changes he has gone through, even the teachers at daycare are amazed at how big and "grown-up" DJ is getting.

DJ had his checkup and shots on Friday and did better than at 2 months. His stats are always fun to see he is long and thin. His length is 25 inches which is the 60th percentile, 13.9 lbs- 25th percentile and head is 16.5 inches which is the 50th percentile. He is not as "chunky" as Mommy thought but Daddy said now they can start working on weight training. Just kidding of course!!!

I have a few pictures of DJ in his bumbo, it is the greatest invention to get babies used to sitting up. He is liking it more and more every time and he is really talking and chatting up a storm. He loves to coo, grunt and make noises till we talk to him-he is a ham and quite a character.

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Tracey said...

Good thing I thought it look pretty cool then huh! I figured anything that originally cost $50 better be a good invention! Glad you guys like it!