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Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy Busy People!!

It has been a crazy week and a half since we last updated! After DJ's 4 month appointment he still had a lingering cough he just could not shake so being the over-precautionary parents we are we took him back in Wednesday, 01/14/09 as he was sounding worse. Good thing we did! He had the beginning of RSV and two other babies in his class were diagnosed with it as well. We kept him home for a few days giving nebulizer treatments every 3 hours as well as antibiotics for an ear infection. He eventually began feeling better and by Sunday evening was on the mend.

Just in time for returning to school and Mommy to start Drake's spring semester. This week has been busy, school 4 days a week, working full time and normal life has made getting blog entries not as a priority! Fortunately, the weather was great most of the week but, we are back to the Arctic today. We are keeping DJ healthy and inside as much as possible to prevent another respiratory attack.

The next few weeks will be busy we are trying to see friends and family in Illinois that we missed over the holidays due to weather. Heading up north this weekend and then celebrating Grandma's birthday next week.

I will upload some pictures soon as DJ has been quite the changer! He is now playing with his feet constantly, rolling back and forth on his back to his tummy, and now reaching and grasping for new things including Daddy's goatee and Mommy's chin.

We attempted rice cereal last night and while I thought he was swallowing he truly was holding in his mouth and then decided to spit it out and spread it all over everything.

He keeps us on our toes!!

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