DJ Love

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Updated Pictures

Here are few pictures of DJ:

Here he is grasping Daddy's goatee

Here is his favorite version of Tummy Time, he does it a few minutes and then decides to eat his arm or hand!

We were able to visit North Iowa this weekend and saw Cousin Britney and Aunt Connie as well as Chris and Casey. We also visited the lake and spent some time with the Great Grand Parents. Here is a picture of Great Grandma with DJ.

Finally we have captured the best picture of DJ with his feet. He is fascinated and every morning we have a ritual of the "Superman/Touchdown" stretch followed by chatting up the parents and eating his feet. It is offically his favorite past time...which is then followed by watching Sports Center with Daddy.

The kid had better be a sports fan!!

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