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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is winter over yet??

DJ has been very busy, even with the cold weather DJ and Devon have been to story times, playtimes and other outings. We celebrated Grandma's birthday on Thursday and had a nice dinner with her.

Happy Birthday Grandma

The family did a trip to North Iowa on Friday, Mommy for business, the boys for fun. DJ and Devon spent time with Grandpa Mau and had quiet fun.

Sharing time Grandpa Mau

We made a few stops for Devon that were quiet fun, Taco Tico (*a childhood memory*) and then opened a Christmas gift from Grandpa Mau. It is quite fun as well to visit some different areas.

DJ's Musical Toy

Eating at Taco Tico

We are tired of the cold weather and would like to get outside and out and about more often. Hopefully the weather starts to get better and we can play outside and burn off some energy!


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