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Sunday, March 14, 2010

18 months and Busy Times!

DJ turned 18 months on Thursday, we have been too busy to post!

We have had the opportunity to visit with all the Grandparents in the past few weeks with his cousin Nico.
Playing with Uncle Dillon

We took a brief trip to Illinois, visited with Grandpa Mair.

We went to KidsFest and had a great time in the bouncy house.

Swinging at KidsFest

Then DJ and I finally got to meet up with our friends in Kansas City (Miss Peggy and Cadence) and had a great time. We spent the weekend and played, visited and shopped a good time was had by all.

It's amazing what a big boy DJ is and how strong he is becoming. We are constantly finding new things that DJ can do and get into. He is showing how capable he is at being independent as well. He is very content to travel all over our yard and the neighbors as well to find other "good girls" (dogs!).

DJ and his best friend!

DJ is using his manners and his words very well and is very proud of his ability to help you get your coat and shoes. He loves the outdoors and especially puddles and getting dirty! A true boy he is proving to be with trucks/cars, muddy shoes and his love of animals.

DJ blowing Bubbles

We will update more this week as DJ and Devon will be outside ALOT with WARM weather!

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