DJ Love

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Updated 18 Month Stat

DJ is continuing his growth and doing quite well at being a big boy. He went yesterday for his 18 month checkup and last few shots. DJ did quite well, explaining his immediate dislike at being confined to the patient room while waiting for the Dr. However, as normal for DJ as soon as the Dr. entered he become, the quite and shy little boy--Talk about a split personality!

His stats are:
Height-32.75 inches
Weight-27 lbs
Head-19.62 (all his father, as he is in the 95th percentile for this!!)

He is growing at a great pace, and is doing very well for his age. His vocabulary is growing everyday as Devon and DJ work on new words. I am learning to smile and laugh everymorning as new words are used. We now request cereal first thing in the mornings, make sure to tell Mommy she is drinking her coffee-HOT! He is really coming into his own and is becoming a fun little boy. We are looking forward to the continued warm weather to allow more outdoor fun and mud puddle jumping.

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