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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

DJ and Grandma
                                                             3 Generations!!
                                                                  The Happy Mau's
                                                         The Best BOY in the whole world!!
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I can honestly say that I am blessed to have the TWO best men in the world. I love them for their gentle nature, sweet thoughts and caring actions. Devon and DJ are the best. They truly spoiled me today and we have lots of pictures to prove it. It was a busy day at the Mau house!

We did the following:

1. Took a family walk and worked out at the track

2. Ran a few errands and went shopping

3. Took Grandma to Brunch and lots of pics

4. Visited with Great Grandpa Butler

5. Went to the park and played with all kinds of toys.

6. Watched the Amazing Race, Momma's fav show!

I am so lucky to have DJ and Devon they are what makes Mother's Day worthwhile!

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