DJ Love

Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Fun has begun!!

DJ and I went to the pond at DMACC in Ankeny for a small picnic
Then his normal daily walk ALL the way down our street, which is a normal city block!

The boys went on a field trip to Camp Dodge and checked out the tanks and planes.
(Awesome for little boys and its free!)

Then we have our traditional rope bridge climb of the week, however they make it to the park about 3-4 times a week!

Uncle Dillon came for a visit and took DJ on a walk, or vice-versa!

Grandpa Mair visited on Friday and let DJ "DRIVE" the big white van!!

Then we "washed" our vehicles in the backyard, never let a little boy have a hose!!

DJ as normal has been active with Daddy daily, this is what I find when I ask the boys to setup the pool on Saturday afternoon....I do not know who started it but, seriously who is the bigger kid??

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