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Saturday, May 17, 2008

We are 22 weeks--and baby is doing great!

We went to the dr. this week and had the chance to see our little one again, up close and personal. We have attached a few of our pics for everyone's viewing pleasure. We did not find out the sex of the baby and therefore...are simply calling it Baby Mau. The baby is healthy and doing well from all tests, even more developed than expected and already an ounce or two over 1lb. According to the baby sites the approximate length should be about the length of a spaghetti squash.

I am feeling well-very healthy and walking quite a bit each week. Today I did the MS walk with our friend Rebecca and her son Evan. It was a great day to be outside and loving the weather.

The baby is moving alot-all over the place, flipping and flopping and it seems like everytime I tell Devon and he tries to feel it the little one quits just to be stubborn!

I will do my best to keep this updated over the weeks to keep everyone in touch!

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